Diversity tickets

Together with Opera we are happy to announce the first ColdFront diversity tickets.

At ColdFront we pay our speakers a honorarium in addition to covering travel expenses, and this year Bruce Lawson from Opera has been so kind to turn his ColdFront honorarium into diversity tickets.



This year we are able to offer 2x diversity tickets.


What is a diversity ticket

These tickers are made available for you, if you are part of a group which is either under-represented in technology or you simply do not have the means to attend. Such groups could be (but not limited to): immigrants, students, people of color, disabled people and alike.

Please do not be afraid to apply, if you think a diversity ticket is for you.


How do you get in consideration for a diversity ticket ?

Email us before June 30th, to [email protected]. We will give you a notice on August 1st. Simply tell us a bit about yourself such as:

  • - Who are you?
  • - Where you are coming from ?
  • - What do you do?
  • - Why should you get a ticket?

We will treat your application with absolute privacy, and the applications will by evaluated by the organizers of ColdFront, not Bruce Lawson or Opera.

We will not be making any public announcements of whom the tickets has gone to.


Why are we doing this ?

These tickets gives us the possibility to support someone who under normal circumstances can’t be a part of ColdFront. We are happy to have the opportunity to lend a hand and help out, as we have seen diversity tickets change the lives and careers for people in the community.

ColdFront Conference is organized by ColdFront ApS, and by attending our events your are accepting our Code of Conduct.